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The application “Instagram” has launched a new professional control panel, which brings together all the work tools of the application in a dedicated space within it, targeting business owners and influencers. The control panel is considered

Source: Amr Al-Zanati – Erm News

Launch the application ”Instagram“A new professional dashboard that brings together all the app’s business tools in a dedicated space within it, targeting business owners and influencers.

The new Professional Dashboard is a custom add-on for anyone who uses Instagram professionally and is available for creatives and business accounts.

This is the first time the company has focused all of its business tools in one place, and the new Professional Dashboard features account analytics and links to tutorials and other helpful articles.

The dashboard serves as an interface to help track your performance, access professional tools, and helps you make the best decisions to grow your business and stay informed about the platform.

Instagram says, “More than 82 million accounts have visited the Professional Resource Center, which it launched in November as one central place to access features, including badges, branded content tools, the Instagram store and Instagram Checkout.”

Content creators may see shortcuts to branding content partnerships and other monetization features, while a restaurant or store owner can track ads or set up shopping features.


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