Instagram introduces new features to users – website news – follow-ups


The administrators of the “Instagram” application said that the developers are working on programming a new feature that will add a “professional control panel” for content makers and holders of commercial and company accounts on the application, to make the employees’ experience more effective and useful, according to Russian media.

The new panel, which will be used by the owners of the aforementioned accounts, will gather all the tools provided by Instagram to manage accounts for commercial purposes. The account holder will also appear to the company shortcuts associated with his brand or company, and through it the account holder will also be able to track commercial advertisements and assess the extent of interaction with his online account.

The organizers intend to add a new feature to the application to help users announce a specific event or social activity, and through this feature the user will be able to invite 20 of his friends on the application to participate in the event or event.




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