India launches cheap Land Rover competitor!


India launches cheap Land Rover competitor!

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Indian company Tata unveiled the design of the new Safari, which it designed to compete with modern Land Rover vehicles.

According to the experts in the company, the Safari is an upgrade from the latest Tata Harrier crossover, but it has a more streamlined body, equipped with a large panoramic roof and a more modern design.

This vehicle was built on Omegarc platforms developed from the D8 platforms acquired by Discovery Sport and the modern Range Rover Evoque, and it came with a 4 meters long and 66 centimeter chassis, a height of 178 cm, and the distance between the wheel axles was 247 cm.

On the inside, this car got 3 rows of seats for 7 passengers, and an advanced command interface equipped with two touch screens and one that can communicate wirelessly with phones and smart devices and another in front of the driver works as an electronic dashboard, and the cabin is equipped with systems for wirelessly charging phones, and electrical systems. To control the position and temperature of the seats.

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Lexus launches modified versions of one of its most beautiful youth cars

This vehicle will be offered with two types of engines, Kroytec four-cylinder turbocharged engines with 170 horsepower, and 140-horsepower engines, and these engines will work with automatic or mechanical 6-speed gearboxes developed by Hyundai, and their prices will be about 19 thousand dollars.

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