In the video – Karen Rizkallah: “Where are your children? I bow in front of you”


Actress and writer Karen Rizkallah commented on “The Insider” in Arabic, on the controversy that took place last week between the Lebanese actors, against the backdrop of Badi ‘Abu Shakra’s statement that the Lebanese actor does not sell an Arab.

Karen cited the proverb that says, “Where are your children, I pray in front of you,” in reference to the fact that the numbers on the ground confirm that the Lebanese actors did not participate as many Arab series as their Syrian or Egyptian colleagues. And about her approval of the statement made by Badie, Karen told the media, Elie Nakhleh, that she would prefer to say, “The Syrian actor, the man, sells more.”

Karen also indicated that the wide spread of the Syrian actors is due to their exit from Syria with the beginning of the war, unlike the Lebanese actors who are still all living in Lebanon today.

Karen, who is going through her first experience in joint Arab business today through the series “350 Grams”, expressed her fear and enthusiasm at the same time for this experience, and said that the most difficult thing about it is her having to distance from her daughters and work with a team she meets for the first time.

In response to a question about whether she knew that her role was going to be played by Dima Kandalaft, whom she apologized for due to her association with other work, Karen said that she did not know, otherwise she would have called her before she agreed, and she had also indicated that the work was offered to her first, but she was rejected for reasons She did not want to disclose it.


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