In the video – Fares Iskandar: “Lighten up kindness in your life”


The Lebanese composer Fares Iskandar called for relief from kindness at this time.

The composer and poet Faris Iskandar published a video of him, in which he called for the relief of “kindness” in this time that is dominated by treachery, on his own account on the social networking site.

Fares commented on the video by saying: “Reduce kindness in your life and love, with this time, treachery has become clear.

It is worth noting that Fares Iskandar recently described his cooperation with the artist Faris Karam as a qualitative shift, and said in his conversation with art: “It became known that I collaborated with Faris on 5 songs from his new album, and many people contacted me to find out the details of these songs and they were excited to hear them .. And what I can say that this cooperation is a quantum leap for Fares, and all the songs are from my words, my compositions, and Omar Sabbagh’s music distribution.


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