In the video, Corona virus is not clear … The World Health Organization warns of a new strain of it


The Director-General of the World Health Organization, “Tedros Adhanom,” warned a lot about the rapid spread of infection after a third strain of Corona virus was discovered in Japan.

World Health warns of the new Corona virus strain that appeared in Japan

Also, “Adhanom” confirmed during a statement to the Health Organization, which came through Al-Arabiya channel, that “the further spread of the Corona virus will increase the likelihood of all new changes occurring in it,” and also confirmed that it transmits very quickly from other viruses.

The Director of Global Health commented, saying, “Corona has not bored of us until now,” and that it is assumed during the coming period that there will be an increase in the number of cases inside hospitals, and this matter is what will pose many problems for all health workers and hospitals that have approached the point of collapse.

Despite the organization’s assertion that the new strain does not result in an increase in the strength of the virus, it stressed the importance of adhering to all precautionary measures, and Adhanom also provided many instructions that help reduce the chance of the spread of many epidemics, and physical distancing must be maintained. And all rooms are well-ventilated, wear masks, and wash hands well to prevent the spread of these epidemics and viruses.


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