In the picture – Celine Dion remembers her husband with touching words


Years after her husband’s death, world artist Celine Dion recalled her husband with a picture of them holding her hand.

The star Celine Dion opened her heart and feelings to her followers on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the departure of her husband, René Angelil, and published on her own page on the social networking site, a picture of her with her husband holding their hands on the beach, and wrote an emotional comment that reveals her internal suffering for his early departure.

She said: “Five years have already passed. There is not a single day that we do not think about you. We are communicating with you now more than ever, to guide us, protect us, and continue our care.

And pray that your love shines on the entire world. For all of those at this very moment, who are facing very difficult times, you are in our hearts, and in our lives forever. We love you, Celine and Renee Charles, Nelson and Eddie. ”

Celine proved through this post that she is one of the most emotionally loyal women, for today she did not forget her husband and her manager, and she honored him on the fifth anniversary of his death.


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