In pictures, get to know the 5 most expensive engagement and marriage gifts in the world


Throughout history, husbands have been racing to present their husbands an engagement ring, which is an eternal gift between the spouses, and many men may exaggerate presenting these wedding gifts and spend millions of dollars on them .. Here are the 5 most expensive engagement gifts in history: –

1. Elizabeth Taylor’s ring

Elizabeth Taylor received the most prized gift from her husband in 1972 for her 40th birthday, and the precious ring cost about $ 1,050,000 at the time.

2. A yacht worth 84 million dollars

Nita Empani got a yacht worth 84 million dollars from her husband Makesh Empani, and this yacht is considered one of the most valuable gifts a woman got from her husband.

3. Apartment in Burj Khalifa

Indian businessman “Raj Kundra” gave his wife “Shilpa Shetty” an apartment on the 19th floor of Burj Khalifa, which is the most famous and expensive building in the world!

4. East Star necklace

It is a diamond necklace that cost about $ 11.9 million and is called the “Star of the East”, it was given as a wedding gift on the wedding day of a rich man named Edward to his bride Evelyn.

5. Trump’s daughter’s engagement ring

The cost of the engagement ring of US President Donald Trump’s daughter to the Lebanese billionaire and young businessman Michael Polos has reached $ 1.2 million, and it is a diamond ring designed by Lebanese jewelry designer Samer Halima.

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