If you have Corona … stay away from these foods


It is known that a healthy and balanced diet is indispensable to give the body a good batch of the most important nutrients it needs to alleviate the symptoms of any health problem that may be exposed to it, and to enhance the speed of recovery from it. How, then, in the event of a “Covid-19” virus?

Nutrition specialist Abeer Abu Rajeli told Al-Jumhuriya that “it is wrong to think that adhering to healthy eating completely prevents infection with viruses and diseases of all kinds. The truth is that a healthy diet strengthens the body’s structure, and thus a person can resist the problems he is exposed to in a more effective way.To avoid these substances!

And before offering the foods that people with Corona must focus on to quickly overcome the symptoms they face, Abu Rajeli stressed the need to stay away as much as possible from the following foodstuffs that slow the healing process from this emerging global epidemic:

Harmful, non-nutritious, and full of fat foods, such as sweets and fried foods, will only provide high, empty calories.

Sugar, and when you want to have a sweet taste, it is advisable to resort to fresh fruit instead of canned.

Salt, as well as foods that are hidden in them in high doses, such as canned, frozen and processed items, as well as pickles.

Alcohol, high-sugar juices, and all kinds of processed beverages.

… and applying these measures to their fullness!

As for the nutritional measures that a person with “Covid-19” must apply to the fullest extent, they include, according to Abu Rajeli:

Drink a lot of water because the body loses a good amount of it during this period.

Preference for healthy, home-cooked foods, and when you want to request the “Delivery”, it is advisable to choose nutritious and grilled foods.

Focusing in particular on vegetables and fruits of various kinds and securing good portions of them, especially the types rich in vitamin C such as lemon, kiwi and broccoli.


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