“I have good insults for me!”


After the massive attack campaign that Rami Ayyash was subjected to after his controversial statements during the “Jafar Talk” program, Ayyash responded in tweets through his own account on “Twitter”.He wrote: “In the context of the last episode in which I was a guest on the Jafar Talk program, controversy was raised over a number of topics, followed by a campaign of responses and counter-responses. And in other friendly societies and I read their comments that considered what I said detracts from a long struggle to achieve better conditions for marriage, especially for women who suffer from the injustice of society at times and from the injustice of some unfair laws at times, I reconsidered what I said and re-approached this topic, which was understood unfairly. .

He added: “I make it clear that I did not say and do not encourage marriage under the age of 18, and I salute the struggle of those who work and work to be the legal age, but I am not with criminalization because in many cases and societies this is unfortunately a reality, and considering it a crime will be a tool from which girls can be harmed in a way Indirect”. And Ayyash added, “There are many examples of many places in the world that allow these exceptions. This is what I meant about I am against criminalization, and the difference here is clear between against criminalization and not being encouraged. I am not talking about what we do in the” Ayyash Al-Childah “association in terms of our insistence. On educating children and spreading awareness. ”

He continued: “So that the younger generation can face their future consciously and responsibly so that the desired progress can be achieved on this subject, in which there are many circumstances in every country and in every society, in the personal choice of my daughter and the daughters of her generation. I wish everyone the ability to make free and informed choice in better conditions and days, and under laws. Protect them. ”

Ayyash concluded his speech: “And conditions that help the family and society, and the priority remains to science through which only societies develop, in those who have been injured and considered that what you have said hurts a long struggle, for you but from me all love and seek my excuse. I learn from you and you, in bullying and the campaign of insults, for me in All good insults. “


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