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The Progressive Socialist Party and the Democratic Gathering Bloc issued the following statement:

The Progressive Socialist Party and the Democratic Gathering Bloc issued the following statement:

“In a new paradox, the president of the republic who is always prejudiced against the media used the media itself to leak his talk with the caretaker prime minister, thus forming, in form and content, the major insult not only to the position of prime minister, but to the position of the presidency of the republic, and an indication of the deep level of grasp that it has reached. .

This scandalous video came to confirm what was known in advance before the assignment, through the President’s warning message to the deputies, which was repeated and proved by the entire course of authorship, that he and his team do not want Saad Hariri to form the government. For it seems, according to the opposition team, either the government is formed as they want, or there is no government, so they can continue to rule as they want through this government. Are those concerned on the other hand aware of this fact, especially after what happened today?

Then did those who floated the caretaker prime minister pay attention under the heading of refusing to target the prime minister’s office, how did this president express his respect for this position through his careful listening and listening to the intended words of the president of the republic without commenting on a word?

And if the “son-in-law” said yesterday that he does not trust the designated president to form a government and manage the country’s affairs, then the “uncle” today confirmed the same position, adding to him that he does not trust the chief of staff to replace the army commander when he is absent. This is an offense to this site and to the institution as well, through what happened in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Defense. Oh God, unless it is necessary to attend the head of the Lebanese delegation negotiating the demarcation of the maritime borders, in an attempt to demarcate the lines of disagreement between the pillars of government and the government over measures to prevent the Corona epidemic.

We really need tremendous efforts to draw borders in the face of this absurd and persistent situation by permitting everything in the management of the country’s affairs, and in the face of its malignant epidemic that no longer threatens the state and its institutions only, but has become a threat to the whole entity.

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