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As usual in the recent period, the artist Yasmine Sabry occupied public opinion in Egypt after her appearance at the birthday party that her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, held for her yesterday, where the artist wore a red dress, attracting the attention of many social media pioneers, who asked about the price of the dress Which Yasmine starred on her birthday.

Yasmine Sabry’s dress came under the name “Off Scholder”, which was distinguished by being un-embossed and with long sleeves, as it is distinguished as being among the best famous Italian fashion, “dolce and gabbana”, according to Vito.

The price of Yasmine Sabry’s birthday dress is approximately 28,500 Egyptian pounds.

Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima celebrated the birthday of his wife, actress Yasmine Sabry, who agreed on January 21st.

Yasmine Sabry published pictures of the celebration through her account on the microblogging site “Twitter”, and a large number of her fans and followers interacted with her, who congratulated her on this occasion.

The Lebanese star Elissa sent a message to the artist Yasmine Sabry on the occasion of her birthday, and congratulated her by posting a post on her official account on the “Twitter” site.

And “Elissa” wrote: “Happy birthday, beautiful, I wish you health above all and multiple successes because it suits you well.” Yasmine was keen to re-publish this post and thanked Elissa for her congratulations.

And Yasmine Sabry’s birthday is the 33rd, as she was born on January 21, 1988, and launched into the world of art years ago, and was able to establish her feet and enrich her artistic career with many works of art.

Yasmine Sabry was born in Alexandria, to a father who works as a doctor, and her mother is an interior designer. Her grandfather was a marine captain, and she graduated from the Faculty of Media in the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. The competition was not completed and was canceled due to the lack of sponsors

Yasmine Sabry worked as a model in one of the companies operating in the advertising field until she met during her career as a model with the help of a director who nominated her to work in the Devil’s Steps program with Moez Masoud, and Yasmine got among the program’s roles on the character of Rasha, and then Yasmine participated in the Jabal Al-Halal series, The character of Safi, the daughter of the star Abu Heiba, was embodied in the series, whose character was the late artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and her performance met with remarkable success.

Yasmine Sabry continued to present films and drama series, among the most prominent of her works are The Black Horse, My Story, Hana, Sorour, and Diesel, and her latest work is the Second Chance series that she presented last Ramadan season, and co-starring Ahmed Magdy, Sarah Al-Shami, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Ayten Amer and Heba Magdy and Diab.



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