“How do you open fire on yourself 101” ?!


You may have heard the latest news, but if you are not yet aware of what is happening, I can tell you that Xbox has decided to increase the pricing of all Xbox Live Gold service chips, starting from the monthly subscription to the yearly subscription, by almost double, this is a useful summary, but if you want details, our article today will deal with For all that, let’s find out more about tonight’s events and why Xbox did what they did?

What happened ?

As you read above, we were surprised moments ago about Xbox and it is Increases pricing for all Xbox Live Gold chips For astronomical figures, the truth and for those who do not know, Live Gold is the service you need to enjoy the multiplayer of any game on Xbox platforms and this includes access to online modes in the most prominent free games even like COD Warzone, Fortnite and others. Of course, these increases were met with great indignation from the base of Xbox players themselves before they It received sharp criticism from the most prominent industry analysts and journalists.

Xbox says it will increase the price of the monthly subscription by $ 1 with an increase of $ 5 for the three-month subscription as follows:

  • Monthly subscription : $ 11 dollars

  • 3 months subscription : 30 dollars

  • 6 months subscription : 60 dollars

  • Annual subscription : $ 120, respectively

She also noted Xbox via a post on its blog About some important points, the first of which is if you are a subscriber to the annual subscription or the 6-month subscription, you will not be fined more and you will not be exposed to the new price, at least for now, but you will be able to renew the subscription again at the same old prices. The most important point here is the possibility of transferring your subscription from Xbox Live Gold now For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, meaning if you have 11 months of subscription remaining in the Live Gold service, you can convert them to Game Pass Ultimate service and take advantage of the rest of the benefits it offers.

In general, this pricing will not be applied overnight, but will be applied 45 days after you, as a player, receive an email from Microsoft with the new price list.

If you want my personal opinion on Xbox Live Gold now, it has gone from being the best deal in the gaming industry with Xbox Game Pass to being the worst day and night because at $ 120 a year, Live Gold’s pricing is twice that of the annual PS Plus pricing and has seen a strong increase we haven’t seen since. 2010 Honestly and perhaps that point is the strong motivation that gave Xbox the confidence to do what it did today.

Let us address the reasons that prompted Xbox to increase its pricing and the effect of this on the current conditions and on free online games in particular, and whether this increase is good or bad for us as players, but before all that, let me remind you of the positions that paved the way for what is happening today.

In fact, the Xbox Live Gold case started months ago, not today!

It actually started six months ago when The annual Xbox Live Gold subscription cards are suddenly gone From the market, and then followed by the two-year subscription cards also, and if my memory is good, then these strange steps were justified and linked at the time to leaks that were hovering around Xbox’s desire to convert the online paid experience into a completely free experience while completely dispensing with the service. Perhaps journalist Jeff Grub is the one who mentioned that Possibility if I don’t forget my memory.

Then Xbox came out at the time to confirm that it had canceled the subscription for the year and the two years, but without giving clear reasons in the details You will find me I wrote about it in this previous news In it, I personally speculated that the reason to do so was to do without Live Gold in the future and push Game Pass Ultimate forward.

This news coincided with leaks at the time indicating that the Multiplayer phase in Halo Infinite would turn into a free game or Free To Play, as players like to call it anyway like Fortnite and COD Warzone, a point that caused a lot of problems for Sony at the time, and the movement to abandon Xbox subscriptions was linked Live Gold is moving Halo Infinite to a free game to increase the conviction that we are finally heading for an unpaid online console on the console since the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, and everyone was happy, except for Sony fans of course.

Dreams for free online on Xbox are starting to evaporate with little by little The company’s official statement that it will not abandon Xbox Live Gold It will not change its name, which is what made the disappearance of the public and two-year subscription cards a mysterious matter that the media forgot and was not justified, but here we are, dear readers, we knew the reason and it was not giving up Live Gold in any way, but it was for the sake of completely changing the pricing and prices other than Truth accepted.

“So, there is no project for any free online nor anything like that, but rather a project to double the online tariff, nothing but, ironically,”!

The question is: Why Xbox?

The answer is easy, but let me represent the role of others who are familiar with anything in existence. Normally companies resort to increasing the pricing of their services or games if they see that their profit margin has begun to decrease somewhat or that they offer many of the characteristics and capabilities that require a new pricing in order to keep pace with the logistical costs or development costs and perhaps This is what happened with Sony’s pricing of its exclusives at $ 70 at the time, because it sold the PS5 platforms at a loss to compete with its rival Xbox, and because of the development costs that increased accordingly.

Astrology: The PS5 event was amazing but Sony fooled us with its inconsistencies and that $ 70 pricing?

But with a company like Microsoft, the idea of ​​selling at a loss and the profit margin is very secondary elements of a company that has a terrible financial supply and pumps it comfortably to Xbox of course, we have witnessed the last period of the terrible success of the Xbox Game Pass service, which was able to reach 15 million subscribers during the month of September With fantastic profits, and it is clear that Microsoft is comfortable financially, especially after the acquisition of Bethesda, which shook the games industry, so in financial terms, Xbox does not need financial support or an increase in prices for any of its products, so I go back and say what are the real reasons?

Reason 1: Pay More Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

This is the rationale for anyone to come up with, it goes without saying that Xbox is trying to attract all of its fandom toward subscribing to the best service and deal in the gaming industry: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate But are service subscriber numbers so low that Xbox raises Live Gold prices just to force players to switch to Game Pass Ultimate? I do not think so, especially in the presence of 15 million (if not more) subscribers currently in the service, meaning that the conditions of the service are booming and do not need all this.

Xbox has admitted itself that it aims to urge players to leave the Xbox Live Gold subscription and switch to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and noticed that I am talking about the $ 15 version of the service and not the regular $ 10 Game Pass, which worries me more personally, the important thing is that you can exchange your subscription for Xbox Live Gold now and get Game Pass Ultimate for the same value of the months that were left for you from your previous subscription, which is excellent, but more supports the theory of Xbox trying to pull players with all their strength towards Xbox Game Pass, but why so far?

Are there hidden reasons behind this attraction? What is on the other side? I do not know

The second reason: The Live Gold service will be extinct, but not now!

Think about it leisurely, if Xbox goes out today and says it will stop support for Xbox Live Gold forever and suddenly? How will the reaction be? In fact, nobody likes to be forced to do something they are not convinced of and as a result, this explicit coercion method would have received much more criticism than the company is currently under so technically, what Xbox did or the way it took is very, very understandable to Lee, because she apparently wants to end Xbox Live Gold permanently and indirectly forcing players to do what she wants them to do, has resorted to a method of enticing and beautifying a service on another account.

With the new pricing now, it does not need a sage or even an accountant, in the coming days we will witness a tsunami of players switching from the Live Gold to the Game Pass, not the normal one, but the Game Pass Ultimate, the most expensive version of the service, which means greater profit, really it is Excellent plan, Xbox!

“So I can say that today’s Xbox action is the first call or warning to passengers to board the last plane bound for the Xbox Game Pass world, today with the desire and polishing of a service on another account in order for the show to become unmissable, tomorrow it will be forcing and inevitable because Live Gold will really become extinct and then You will have no other options. ”

All this is understandable, but ..

Quotation timing is actually wrong, illogical and presentation is not the best!

None of us likes to increase the price of anything, but at the same time, the matter happens and we have to accept it, but in the case of Xbox Live Gold, let us agree that $ 120 a year is really an astronomical number, the meaning of the pricing itself is understandable and the purpose I understand it well as I mentioned above and I try to put Myself in the Xbox shoe, but the indirect coercion method used by the company is not optimal, the best solution was really to increase the pricing, but gradually so that Xbox Live Gold gradually becomes an unacceptable offer and thus the conversion to Game Pass Ultimate becomes a decision that stems from the intention of the player himself and not because Compressed or forced or the like, and this is why I see that the new prices are crudely illogical and the plan is strangely clear as the sun.

“As for timing, it is curse here, Xbox is currently giving us a course on how to open fire on yourself 101 literally, we are now in the period of the beginning of a new generation and the majority of players are still confused in determining the ideal platform that will provide them with everything they need, and many are still scattered between Sony And so Xbox will win here, who makes the most convincing offer until yesterday, I can say that Xbox succeeded overwhelmingly in its campaign, she was convinced and sold, its service is the best in the industry undisputedly and was able to put its competition in trouble because of it so that all that momentum suddenly gave way to today’s decision. ”

The momentum built by Xbox began to fade today after the pricing decision, which I think should have been postponed at least, especially since the Xbox Game Pass is currently successful and does not need a push or a lick, as we say here in Egypt, the numbers and things were good, but today’s obstacle has become an industrial block on the way to Xbox It was strong for 2021, its presentation was not the best, especially in the presence of the Corona virus, and the most important thing is that it did not need the order from the beginning, so why? Why do I open fire on myself? Very strange thing.

Yes, $ 120 a year to play FREE COD Warzone or Fortnite on all platforms!

The most important part of this article is that paragraph, now after the Xbox Live Gold pricing, the annual subscription is $ 120, you will need $ 120 oh believer to get involved in the online and multiplayer modes, which was previously a strong point for the personal computer because the online is free in it, but after If the annual subscription is twice that of the annual PS Plus, I don’t even know what to tell the truth or what Xbox is thinking? Do you want players to buy its platforms or do you want them to stay away from it?

“If you have any Xbox console you are getting the best and worst deal in the gaming industry at once, something that doesn’t happen every day.”

Let’s talk about the games that require a subscription payment to access their online content and let’s talk about millions, I mean millions of players who play both COD Warzone and Fortnite for free without the need for a subscription on both the PC and PlayStation platforms, do you expect Xbox to actually pay $ 120 to play on their devices And why at all? As long as the parent company’s Windows PC offers that experience for free, are you fancy me ??

I previously talked with you about Xbox has nothing to offer to make you accept buying its platform for the new generation even and then Xbox Game Pass proved my theory wrong despite the presence of Xbox Game Pass for PC, but as we say what we have to say, today I am very confused about Xbox’s decision and that It will not be in its favor. Instead of abandoning the online barrier paid for in free games and attracting millions of players to play on its platforms to do as its arch-rival Sony does, here is the Xbox that keeps them away from it more and away from it profits in the millions in light of strong microtransactions in the two games at least Appreciation !!

Then there’s Halo Infinite !!

The Multiplayer for Halo Infinite is supposed to be released for free, and it is also supposed to turn into a free game or Free To Play such as Fortnite and others, in a move that was excellent at the time from Xbox in order to attract everyone to try the game on its platforms and most importantly the new generation of them, but ..

“Things turned out and now Halo Infinite is tied behind a huge concrete wall estimated at $ 120 a year while PC owners will enjoy this game at the same time completely for free … and my wonder!”

Share your opinion on the new Xbox Live Gold pricing in the comments!

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