How did Samira Saeed become the voice of independent women before the term “feminism” appeared? | news


She was able to secure a distinguished position among her fans. She climbed to the top of the singing scene in the Arab world and expressed through her songs the feelings of women and what she is going through because she gives her songs the feelings and emotions she bears.

Samira Saeed had her clear mark in the world of the song, a beauty that increases with time and always keeps pace with any renewal, but Samira Saeed was famous for expressing the strong woman who faces the ingratitude of men in her songs and survives her feelings and has proven that women can express their heart more than any man.

We show you songs in which Samira Saeed demonstrated that the power of women is in their femininity before the concept of feminism emerged, and its meaning now.

Janie said after two days

The song is written by Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad and composed by Jamal Salama and expresses a woman who narrates her memories with a lover who left her for the sake of another woman and whose complaints to her are disapproved of the other.

No need

The song is written by Shady Nour and composed by Bilal Sorour, and it expresses a woman who does not weaken in the dimension of her lover, but on the contrary, lives her life with utmost spontaneity.

What a salvation

The song is written by Amir Teima and composed by Amr Mostafa, and the song expresses the refusal to return to the beloved again.

God consumes

The song is written by Ayman Bahjat and composed by Amr Mostafa. The song expresses the woman who reconciles with an idea after her lover, and even wishes him the best.

No dream

Ayman Bahjat’s lyrics and composed by Amr Mostafa, the song expresses a woman’s rejection of a man’s love and his insistence on her love despite that.


The song is written by Shady Nour and composed by Bilal Sorour, in which the woman expresses her opinion frankly about changing her lover for the worse.


The song is written by Abdel Hamid Al Habbak and composed by Ihab Abdel Wahid, and it expresses the intelligent woman who easily reveals the feelings of the man in front of her.

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