How can you easily sync an iPhone to an iPad?


The process of synchronizing an iPhone with a Mac computer is an easy and simple way to share media files across your devices. If you want the same music, photos, and contacts files to be available on iPhone and computer, then syncing is the right way to achieve this. However, you may also want to sync your iPhone to your iPad tablet so that you can access the same files on both devices.

But how do you sync an iPhone to an iPad?

Usually, you can synchronize an iPhone with a computer by connecting it using a USB cable, then using either Finder or iTunes – depending on the computer model – but this method does not work when you want to sync an iPad, instead, you must use the iCloud service iCloud to sync between both devices, and you must log in to an iCloud account on both devices.

to do this. Follow next steps:

Go to (Settings) on the iPhone.
• Click on your name at the top, and on the screen that appears, click on the iCloud option.
• On the iCloud settings screen, you will see a subtitle called “Apps Using iCloud”.
Toggle the button next to the apps you want to sync to on.

• Make sure you apply the same steps on your iPad, otherwise the apps won’t sync.
In addition to syncing many apps in iCloud settings, you can also turn on automatic downloads for a variety of other apps that you will find in the main settings menu.To do this, follow these steps:
Go to (Settings) on the iPhone.
• Click on the (App Store) or (iTunes & App Store) option.
• Under the section (Automatic Downloads), toggle the button next to any application you want to sync.
• After doing that, now when you download an application to an iPhone it will also download it automatically to your iPad tablet or vice versa.

Note: Make sure to activate these steps on both devices in the same way mentioned earlier.

You can also go to other applications in the (Settings) application to do the same, for example:
Go to (Settings) on the iPhone.
• Click on the “Books” option.
• Click on the option (Purchases from Other Devices). Now, the books you download will be synced to both your iPhone and iPad.
Again, make sure to activate the same steps on both devices.


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