“Hope” on the ground – trends – statement opinion


The mission addressed by the UAE project to explore Mars, the “Probe of Hope,” is not just a scientific or economic mission, but it is also a mission of hope. From here it is a message from the Emirates to the world that reinforces positivity, the strength of ambition, and the will to create the future, in which all humankind shares. Undoubtedly, the “probe” that has crossed nine out of twelve stages of its mission, will achieve achievements on the ground that are no less important. On that which he will achieve in the vast space; On this simple matter, the eyes await the moment it reaches its orbit, in the first Arab and Islamic achievement, made and managed by Arab hands, and it was the product of Arab thought and vision of an Arab leadership that was unique in innovation, and it took upon itself to defeat despair wherever it was, so it launched the “Probe of Hope.”

On Earth, too, the “Hope Probe” leaves to Arabs and Muslims ambitious youth who participated in the mission adopted by the UAE project to explore Mars, and others must lead their sights to look at space, responding to the call of the Emirates, which is building an unprecedented Arab dream.

On the ground, the Hope Probe leaves us with a pioneering Emirati space exploration project, unprecedented in the Arab world and in the region, and it can represent a contribution that represents our Arab and Islamic culture in contemporary human civilization. Contribution that embraces and watches the future.

Indeed, the “Hope Probe” on Earth accomplishes tasks that are no less important than what it achieves in far space. So, the first saying is: Thank you to the fathers of this pioneering project, who made a distant dream a reality. Those who taught us that leadership is not just a policy, but a management of all resources; Material, spiritual, human and natural resources.



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