Honoring Yousra and Mahmoud Hamida in the first edition of her film festival. Pictures


The management of the “Film Festival for Narrative and Documentary Short Films” held a press conference today, Sunday, in the presence of the artist Samah Anwar The festival’s president, and the jury headed by Director of Photography Kamal Abdel Aziz, and the membership of the artist, Dora, and the writer Abdul Rahim Kamal And director Ahmed Atef.

For her part, artist Samah Anwar announced the launch of the festival’s activities next Thursday, January 28, 2021, and will continue until February 4 for all ages in Egypt and around the world under the slogan “Women’s Cinema”. The two stars Yusra and Mahmoud Hamida will also be honored during this session as they are among the most prominent Supporting artists of independent cinema.

Samah Anwar said that the festival differs from any previous festivals that are concerned with celebrating and honoring the industry without providing solutions, but in its “Film Festival” we know that there is a very large market at the level of Egypt and the Middle East and many independent cinematic experiences that no one knows anything about because they do not exist. In movie theaters.

Anwar added that her film festival invites young people and independent filmmakers who produce short films for festivals and do not take their luck from good viewing to participate and display their films on a specialized platform that allows them to be viewed by viewers and marketed.

She added that the “Films” platform allows every filmmaker for the first time to display it on the platform, so that every viewer pays the price of a ticket to watch the film as if he is sitting in the cinema instead of looking for whom the film is marketed to, noting that the fate of any movie, especially short films, is known. The show is approximately one time only on any channel.

She pointed out that the platform is the only solution to display films that independent filmmakers produce despite the challenges they face because its budget is simple and commensurate with their financial resources. Therefore, we thought about the platform “Films” that works on the Internet 24 hours throughout the year, to display these kinds of great films and experiences. Film makers also get a return of up to 90% of the value of the offer on the platform, which helps them to produce other new films, which is making the production of short films and the independent film industry popular.

While Kamal Abdel Aziz, director of photography and head of the jury, confirmed that independent cinema has been an integral part of the film industry since its inception in Egypt, and that there are a large number of artists who have gone through this experience, and the time has come for a festival that supports the experiences of young people interested in working in this industry.

As for the artist, Dora, she expressed her great happiness at her presence as a member of the jury of the first session of a festival concerned with short films, noting that she had previously participated in the jury committees for many festivals, and that such experiences add to her a lot.

Dora indicated that she watched many films participating in the festival, and she liked a group of them, and she will enjoy discussing the ideas of these films with her colleagues in the jury to settle on the winning films.

As for the writer Abdul Rahim Kamal, he said that he liked the idea of ​​the festival a lot, pointing out that he was happy that the first session bears the title “Women’s Cinema.”

Meanwhile, director Ahmed Atef said that he experienced independent cinema through the film “The Forest”, and that this festival is an important step for the makers of these works.


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