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A state of anxiety plagues users of the popular messaging site “WhatsApp”, as soon as they hear that there is a new vulnerability threatening the privacy of their data, and exposing their friends’ data to danger, which a security researcher recently warned of that there is a new method for hackers to control your phone.

Lucas Stefanko, a security researcher at ESET technology security company, received a report about the new fraud, warning WhatsApp users of new malware, which load adware onto your phone, that spreads by sending automatic messages to your contacts.

Details of new malicious programs on WhatsApp

Hackers send a message to users واتسابEspecially users of “Android” devices, it includes downloading a link, which it claims is a mobile application, in the hope of winning one of its phones for free, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”

The application link takes you to a fake, convincing Google Play page at the same time, and if you click on it to install, you will end up falling into the trap of the hackers, which is what Stefanco monitored during a video clip on the popular video site “YouTube”.

Hackers can, in this way, control the quick response service on WhatsApp, as soon as they receive a notification via the application, to send the malicious programs to your friends, which are sent only once every hour, so that you do not realize the trick.

And although the app’s main goal appears to be filling your phone with ads and making money, Stefanco believes the fraud can be used to spread more malware: “This malware can spread more serious threats due to the receipt of the text of the message and the link to the malicious application from the attacker’s device, Therefore, he can spread ransomware and spyware. ”

How to avoid malicious programs on WhatsApp

Android users can avoid infection by allowing their phones only to download apps from the official Google Play Store, where you can do this by going to Settings and Applications, then Private Access and clicking Install Unknown Applications.

By doing this, you will be able to ensure that none of your apps can download others on their own, along with avoiding installing anything unknown.


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