Home colors | A new surprise from WhatsApp for millions of users around the world: You must accept the terms


seem An instant messaging application “WhatsApp”, in requesting the approval of its users to the terms and the new privacy policy that was updated for this year, and a message appears these days from “WhatsApp” as soon as the application opens about updating the terms and privacy policy, explaining that if the response is not approved, the user will not be able after the 8th day. Next February, use the app.

The picture that appears to the user when he opens the application states: “The WhatsApp application updates its terms and privacy policy, and the main updates include more information about the WhatsApp service, and how businesses can use the services added on Facebook to store and manage their WhatsApp conversations.”

The message also states: “How do you participate with Facebook to provide the integration process through Facebook products,” and the message ends by clicking on approval, this means that the user accepts the terms and the new privacy policy that comes into effect on February 8, 2021, and after that date, You will need approval in order to use the WhatsApp application, and you can also visit the help center if the person prefers to delete their account or to learn more information.

It is worth noting that the WhatsApp support page had previously revealed that there are systems for certain versions that they will not be able to run WhatsApp or enjoy all its features with the new update, namely “Android 4.0.3” and “iOS 9”, and their owners will lose the service and there is no solution except to change the phone and dispense with About the old.

The phones that the WhatsApp application will not work on are all versions of the iPhone, even “iPhone 4”, which means that the “iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6, iPhone 6S” phones need to update the operating system to “iOS 9”.

WhatsApp will not work on “HTC Desire”, “LG Optimus Black”, “Motorola Droid Razr” and “Samsung Galaxy S2”.


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