His return may be postponed for another period … A Catalan newspaper talks about Zidane’s suffering with Corona


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is currently undergoing health isolation after announcing his infection with the Corona virus last Friday, which kept him from leading the team against Alaves in the Spanish League since Saturday.

Earlier, Real Madrid stated that Zidane has no symptoms, but the newspaper “Sport” (SPORTThe Catalan confirmed today, Monday, that he suffers from two of the most common symptoms in people with Coronavirus.

The newspaper close to Barcelona club stated that Zidane suffers from a fever and cough, and said that he is subject to the approved treatment protocol in these cases.

And she indicated that the emergence of symptoms on Zidane may delay his return to Real Madrid leadership, because the system adopted by the Spanish League stipulates that a person with Coronavirus must undergo a new examination 10 days after his infection if he does not show symptoms.

If symptoms appear, the patient is subject to a test 3 days after their disappearance, provided that the health isolation period is not less than 10 days.

In both cases, the injured will not be allowed to return to training without the test being negative.

Zidane’s assistant David Bitoni took over the leadership of Real Madrid against Alaves, which ended the day before last Saturday with Real Madrid winning 4-1, and he will also lead training during this week and in the next match against Levante next Saturday.


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