Her sister died a few days ago in ‘mysterious’ circumstances, so could torture be the reason? The tortured child tells shocking details of burns and injuries in the house of the father and his wife, and their grandmother reveals more !!!


“According to the news published by the Ya Sour website on the page of the journalist Joe Maalouf, the latter returned and published as part of the follow-up of the case:
She went to the Karantina Hospital, the location of the child who had been assaulted, and was surprised that Judge Roland Al-Shartouni was there to check on her, and he called Dr. Sassi, the supervisor of her case, and President Shartouni promised to follow her file and not tolerate those who assaulted her and help her personally and humanely. While we were in the hospital, the family told us the details of the death of Angelina (9 years), the girl’s sister, 16 days ago, while she was in the house of her father, his wife, and the family requesting an investigation into the accident and considered that she was murdered and asked the judiciary to appoint a forensic doctor to uncover the circumstances of the death. The words touched the most when asked the child. The words touched the most when I asked the child, “What do you ask the president to buy me?” I wanted Angelina, and what shocked me the most were the details that the child told in the hospital about the details of the brutal attacks, beatings and violence that she and her sister Angelina were subjected to, who died under mysterious circumstances. We will follow up the death of Angelina with mysterious circumstances and the assault on her sister with the family, to hold accountable each perpetrator and reach the truth about the death of the child Angelina and to ensure the protection of her sister who is in the hospital, and thanks to Judge Shartouni’s attention, who promised not to be lenient. Angelina, the angel who died under mysterious circumstances, asks the family to reveal the circumstances of her death and asks us to intervene. We all trust Judge Shartouni, who will not tolerate revealing the truth and holding the responsible accountable, and put ourselves at the disposal of the family


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