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The Assistant Undersecretary for the Health Centers and Clinics Sector and Public Health at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Dr. Hussein Al-Rand stated that no case has been exposed to side effects after taking the “Covid-19” vaccine, stressing that the ministry is following up on all people who received the vaccine continuously through call center.

Al-Rand explained to “Emirates Today” that the centers and hospitals designated by the Ministry to administer the vaccine are witnessing a great turnout, as about 47,000 people receive the vaccine daily in the country. He pointed out that the measures taken by the state in providing the vaccine made the UAE second in the world in the number of vaccine recipients.

He stressed the provision of the “Covid-19” vaccine, which is listed and registered in the ministry with its health facilities, after the positive results that confirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine at a high rate, indicating that importance is given to the groups most vulnerable to infection, especially senior citizens with chronic diseases, in order to preserve their health and safety, and from The Ministry is keen to provide them with distinguished health services, in appreciation of their societal standing, and the special stature they enjoy with the leadership of the state, within the framework of comprehensive national efforts to enhance the health and safety of society, by adopting innovative treatments, enhancing the capacity of the health sector, and expanding the scope of examinations, in addition to To the availability of highly qualified medical personnel and medical and preventive supplies.

The approved vaccine consists of two doses, the first is given after the stage of assessing the health status, and the second after 21 to 28 days from the date of the first dose, after reviewing the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, and in cooperation and coordination with the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.

It is noteworthy that the preliminary results of the third phase trials of the vaccine, conducted by the company “Synopharma CNBG”, showed the effectiveness of the vaccine against the symptoms of infection with the “Covid-19” virus, and the seroconversion rate recorded 99% of the equivalent antibodies, and a 100% protection rate Of moderate or severe cases of the disease, and the data also showed no concerns related to the safety of the vaccine for all recipients.

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