Health sources: The security services are required to strictly enforce the closure


Building: The more stringent closure decision, which was called a health emergency in Lebanon, canceled many of the exceptions included in the original decision that extended until early next month, but for a period of ten days extending from the morning of next Thursday to the Monday following next week, and the most prominent of which is the restriction of airport movement with checks And the movement of markets with the “delivery” home delivery service. Health sources said that the strictness required by the security and military agencies in implementing this strict and concise closure constitutes the last cartridge to stop the deterioration, and if it coincides with the preparation of more intensive care rooms in government and private hospitals, reaching the number of 1000 intensive care beds, together they form an insurance policy to prevent the stage from reaching The so-called critical situation is the Italian scenario, which is characterized by the death of people at the gates of hospitals, and by hospitals’ preferences to give ventilators to one patient over another.

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