“Health” cautions to an important procedure when going out immediately after bathing


Several tips were given to limit the spread of infection in the winter.

The Ministry of Health warned against going out immediately after taking a shower without taking the necessary precautions, indicating the need to wear adequate clothes, in order to maintain health.

The Ministry’s “Live Saha” account – via Twitter – stated: “Be careful not to shower and then go out immediately without wearing adequate protective clothing.”

The ministry had mentioned – earlier – several warnings to prevent the transmission of infection during the winter season, asking to wash hands with soap and water and dry them well in the following cases: sneezing or coughing, and when shaking hands with someone with influenza or cold, and before and after eating food.

And when cutting uncooked meat or unwashed vegetables and fruits, when using the toilets or changing diapers for children, and when touching surfaces in public places (oppa handles, ladders, elevator buttons and ATMs).

And the Ministry of Health indicated the need for good ventilation of the hanging places.

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