He was kidnapped on the airport road and was found handcuffed in a car in Bekaa


The “National News Agency” in the Bekaa reported that yesterday noon, a handcuffed person was found inside a black Jeep Cherokee four-wheel drive vehicle with a visor-screen bearing plate number 9765 / c, on Dahr Al-Baidar road in the locality of Al-Mureijat. And that upon her arrival at the Dahr al-Baidar checkpoint of the Internal Security Forces, the checkpoint officer asked the driver about the car’s papers and his possession of the foie gras license, but the driver did not comply with the security checkpoint element and took off his car, so the officers put the barbed iron obstacles, but the car continued its way down towards the Bekaa.

Immediately, the Internal Security Forces conducted their patrols in search of the car, and at a later time the municipality of Al-Mureijat informed the security forces of the presence of a car on the Al-Mureijat highway with a handcuffed person inside. So the internal security forces and the Lebanese army went on patrols and worked to cordon off the place, and the army began interrogating the kidnapped person, who said in his initial testimony that he had been kidnapped by two people on the airport road in Beirut..

Source: “National News Agency”


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