“He lost consciousness 45 days before his departure.” Details of the last days in Haya


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Saturday 23 January 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

Today, Saturday, we have the anniversary of the birth of the late artist Said Abdel-Ghani, as he was born in the village of “Nusa Al-Bahr” in the district of “Aga” in the Dakahlia governorate on January 23, 1938.

Saeed Abdul-Ghani graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1958, and went to work as a journalist through the newspaper “Al-Ahram” in the technical department, and rose to become the head of the department, and when his meetings and dialogues with actors and directors multiplied; That was the beginning of his entry into the acting field.

Saeed Abdul-Ghani began his artistic career on stage, and from the works in which he participated at that time, the plays “Al-Qarar” and “Jabal Maghagnazi” on Al-Tali’ah Theater in 1973, and his first cinematic participation was the following year through the movie “Al-Fatina and the Tramp”.

After that; Said Abdel-Ghani’s cinematic, dramatic and theatrical works continued, and he presented more than 124 works during his artistic career, and the most important films in which he participated: : “The Knights, The Fox, Reverted My Heart, Shams Al Ansari, The Children of the Night” and others.

His son, artist Ahmed Said Abdel Ghani, during an interview on the program “Happening in Egypt” with the journalist Sherif Amer via the channel “mbc Egypt”, narrated the details of the last days in his father’s life before his departure from our world on January 18, 2019.

Abdul-Ghani said: “My father was a fighter in his illness, this man sat for 45 days, which are the countries that were difficult for me, 45 days in intensive care, he surpassed them twice, for example, he was unconscious, and both times it was from half an hour to an hour.”

He added: “The first time I entered him, I said to him, be steadfast, you have tiredness in your chest, freeze here, he used to pray or be silent. The second time he was transferred to another hospital. And she used to wear it, and because he couldn’t wear my hand, he pushed his hand somewhere in her.

“The doctors themselves told me your father is a fighter, so that he can handle the amount of treatment he is taking, he had a very strong pneumonia, and after that, bacteria in the blood, and the matter was very severe, with his age and weakness in general,” he continued, Bakia.

He concluded: “The first 30 days of this fatigue, I used to consult him. I say it is glorified. He consults and is present and that he is strong. The last 15 days were salvation, may he surrender, or a feeling that he means salvation.”

The latest work of the artist Said Abdel Ghani, the series “The Lady’s Children” in 2015, with the stars: Tariq Lotfi, Muhammad Karim, Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, Afaf Shuaib, Lotfi Labib, and Buthaina Rashwan, written by Majdi Al-Ibyari, and directed by Hani Ismail.


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