He left school to sing .. Hussam Junaid talks about his beginnings and declares: I fear returning to poverty! (Video) – Mada Post


He left school to sing .. Hussam Junaid talks about his beginnings and declares: I fear returning to poverty! (Video)

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The Syrian singer Hussam Junaid was a guest on Al Madina FM, with the journalist Basil Mahrez on his chosen program, and during the episode he talked about his beginnings and his greatest fear of suffering poverty again.

Junaid revealed that he was a member of a singing group that included his siblings, where he used to play the rhythm, and then he began performing at popular parties and weddings as the miracle child, to sing about half an hour.

He added that his reputation became famous, and he began to be asked to party in his name, so his family decided to leave school, and he was a student in the fifth grade of primary school, so that he would be free to perform parties with his siblings.

Hossam Junaid
Syrian singer Hussam Junaid – Internet

Artistic family

Singer Hussam Junaid stated that his family consists of 15 brothers and sisters from two wives, all of whom are good at playing musical instruments and singing, even his mother has the talent of a beautiful voice.

Junaid was at first working in his brothers’ and sibling teams, then at the age of sixteen, he formed his own group, and the band succeeded so brilliantly, that every night it became required for a popular party or wedding.

Junaid emphasized that he was not afraid of his past, so he admitted that after that he moved from singing at parties to singing in nightclubs, and his wages rose from 500 liras at the party to 2,000 liras per night, and his debut as a singer was through a song I forgive you.

Hussam Junaid: I fear poverty

Artist Hussam Junaid revealed that he suffered from poverty in his childhood, and this stage in his life is not ashamed of it, but it causes him a lot of pain, especially when he remembers days when he did not have the price of a “bundle of bread”

Junaid admitted that his greatest fear was to return to the days of poverty again, because they were difficult and ugly days, especially since his father passed away and left some of his brothers young children, and he emphasized that these days, despite their difficulties, made him feel poor and try as much as possible to help, and not be superior to others with what he owns. .

It is worth noting that Junaid is married to the Syrian actress Emirates livelihoodAnd he had two children with her: his son, Watan, and daughter Ehsas, while Emirati had a son from her first marriage to the Syrian director Youssef Rizk.


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