“He hit a member of the security forces.” A video clip that blows up the communication sites!


Activists circulated on social media a video clip showing a citizen assaulting a member of the Internal Security Forces wearing his uniform.

The video features a man wearing a muzzle, which suggests that the video clip is not old. Also, the video shows that the car is without license plates.

According to the information of “Lebanon 24”, it became clear that the soldier was called “SS”, and his place of service was the Abu Samra police station, while the person who attacked him was called “S.K”.

According to the information, “The location of the video is the port area in Tripoli – Al-Baladiya Street, and what happened was an individual problem based on old backgrounds, while the gendarme was outside his actual service.

Do we know why and who was the “Seven of Brumbo” who got out of a car with a dark window and without a license plate and in a motorcade?@LebISF In the details of the truth of this video spread?


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