He got rich in a few months … Corona changes the life of a “lucky barber”


According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, the young Ben Gulliver, who is barely twenty years old, is earning Wealth Thanks to e-commerce in teeth whitening products and exercise equipment.

And before the Corona pandemic, he was the guy He works in a hairdressing salon, and then was forced to start a forced leave from work, due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

The source added that Gulliver earns approximately 16,400 dollars per day, which means that he will convert to millionaire He is still in his twenties.

This young man, who lives in London, understood that dentists closed their clinics due to Corona at the beginning of the epidemic, so he brought goods from China that allow people to whiten their teeth while at home, and display it electronically.

It did not occur to Gulliver that his business would achieve such popularity quickly, and he later sold the trading platform in teeth whitening equipment to an American investor, but he continued to trade in exercise equipment.

In one of the distinguished months, this young British man sold more than a quarter of a million dollars, and he only needed a laptop for all of this.

Since starting his commercial activity ten months ago, the self-made young man has been able to sell goods for more than a million dollars, without leaving the door of his home.

At the beginning of the project, the young man relied on the garage of the family home in order to store the goods he brought from China, but today he has an office and spacious places for storage.

He says that he hired a friend to help him. As for the sale process, it takes place through the “Amazon” website to deliver products to various continents of the world.


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