He fell into a coma because of “Corona” … and his wife’s voice helped him wake up from her


He fell into a coma because of “Corona” … and his wife’s voice helped him wake up from her

Friday – 25 Jumada I 1442 AH – January 08, 2021 AD

American couple Don and Lacey Gilmer (Fox News)

Washington: “Middle East Online”

An American couple proved the truth of the famous saying that “love has no limits,” after a 43-year-old man was infected with the Corona virus and was transferred to the hospital for two months, that his wife’s voice helped him wake up from the coma, according to Fox News. .
And in July, Don Gilmer from South Carolina tested positive for the Corona virus. A few days after the positive test result, he was hospitalized – and stayed there for more than 60 days.
Gilmer said that he received plasma for treatment twice during his stay in the hospital, in addition to the anti-viral drug “remdesivir”, which has been shown to be effective in reducing recovery time for patients “Covid-19” who are hospitalized. But, according to Gilmer, “there was nothing to help him.”
“There was nothing to help me recover, so I will never forget when they brought papers for me to sign before I was put on a ventilator,” he recalls. It scared me. ”
When Gilmer’s temperature failed to drop, the doctors placed him in a medical coma.
The man claims that his wife’s words of encouragement helped him succeed and wake up from her.
“I told him he’s doing a great job, and they take good care of him,” said Lacey Gilmer, Don’s wife. He was in wonderful hands. ”
In the end, Gilmer woke up and was discharged on September 11, just two months after his first admission.
“I swear I heard her … I swear I heard her voice, and by the time I left the hospital, my condition was stable,” he said. She is my angel. It’s the reason I’m here ».
The American needed physical therapy after his battle with “Covid-19”, and he said that he had to re-learn how to walk. Months later, Gilmer explained that he still needed physical therapy twice a week on his ongoing path towards a full recovery.
Of his wife, he said: “I tell her often that I did not know that I could have been as strong as her.”


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