“He disappeared in mysterious circumstances.” The founder of “Ali Baba” is still absent from sight


11:21 PM

Tuesday 05 January 2021

Books – Muhammad Safwat:

The billionaire founder of the global e-commerce company “Alibaba”, Jack Ma, has disappeared and is “missing” after he criticized the Chinese system, according to American and British media, including “Daily Mail”, “Yahoo Finance” and “Fox Business”.

The Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, one of the richest businessmen in China and the world, is the founder of the “Alibaba” e-commerce company.

The “Daily Mail” said that the disappearance of the Chinese billionaire, came after his call for economic reform in a speech on October 24, he delivered in Shanghai.

He said at the time: “The financial system today is the legacy of the industrial age, and we must create a new generation of young people, and we must reform the current system.” He did not appear after that, which raised doubts in the foreign media about the reasons for its disappearance and its lack of appearance in the media, since That moment.

According to Yahoo Finance, he was scheduled to participate in the final November episode of “Africa’s Business Heroes”, a competition for African entrepreneurs, to be held by the “Jack Ma” Foundation, but on whose behalf an Alibaba executive was appointed.

The profile disappeared from the TV show’s website, and Jack Ma missed the promotional clips before the final episode, while weeks before the final episode he tweeted, “I can’t wait to meet the contestants.”

“Daily Mail” says that he has not shown any activities on Twitter since then, after he tweets in an almost daily manner, but she said that there is no indication that he was subjected to physical harm so far.

Despite the tension between China and the United States, especially in the past four years during the term of outgoing President Donald Trump, Jack Ma initiated the donation of 2,000 ventilators to New York, which prompted Trump to thank him.

On December 24, the Chinese authorities launched an investigation into suspected monopolistic practices with the “Alibaba” group.

The General Administration of Market Regulation in China said at the time that it had begun investigating the e-commerce empire founded by Jack Ma, in charge of committing monopolistic behavior, such as forcing sellers to choose only one platform from among two competing platforms.

“Fox Business” reported that “Alibaba” and “Ant Group” were subjected to financial supervision by the Chinese government, after statements made by Jack Ma.

The Chinese moves came after Jack Mack’s remarks, after he said that China’s regulatory framework stifles innovation and must be reformed to stimulate growth.

The Chinese billionaire had allocated millions of dollars to combat the Corona epidemic that has spread globally, and announced that he would grant 14.4 million dollars from his foundation to finance the development of a vaccine for Corona in the Chinese province of Wuhan, and allocate about 2.15 million dollars to develop a vaccine at the Institute of Infection and Immunity in Australia.


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