He came out of the fight on a crutch .. McGregor was a mockery after his defeat by a knockout and Habib commented


The Irish mixed martial arts champion, Conor McGregor, was defeated by a knockout by American Dustin Poirier on social media, and McGregor, who emerged from the fight on a crutch, was mocked.

Poirier knocked down his opponent in the second round of the retaliatory fight between them, which took place on Sunday morning in Abu Dhabi as part of the 257 series of fights of the International Federation of Combat Game.

The # UFC257 hashtag, the most interactive hashtag globally, topped on Twitter with more than half a million tweets, most of which talked about the retaliatory victory of the American fighter over McGregor, as the Irish had defeated Poirier in 2014 when he was the first in his technical and physical levels.

Many pages of social media users were mocked by McGregor, especially his picture of him lying on the ground after receiving the knockout.

And the Irish fighter justified his defeat by saying that he had not fought any fight for more than a year, and said, “Foot strikes from the bottom have become a big problem for me .. defeat must be forgotten and I will come back, you will see me in 2021.”

This historic victory was met by a wide response from the fighters and heroes of the World Game, who congratulated Poirier for victory and praised his brilliance in the fight and his perfect ending in the second round.

The interactions were headed by the retired Dagestan hero Habib Nurmuhamedov, who seemed to send a message to McGregor, who was defeated by the Dagestani in a famous match between them in 2018.

Habib tweeted on his official account on Twitter, saying, “This is what happens when you change your team, leave the partner who made you a hero, and argue with young children far from reality.”


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