“Haven” … Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan’s partnership unravels


CNBC learned that Haven, the joint venture established by three of the most powerful American companies to cut costs and improve outcomes in health care, completely dissolved after three years. The company has started informing employees that it will close by the end of next month, according to sources directly familiar with the matter.
It is expected that many of the company’s 57 employees will be appointed in “Amazon”, “Berkshire Hathaway” and “GB Morgan Chase”, as each company is pursuing its efforts separately, and the three companies are still expected to cooperate informally in Healthcare projects.
Three years ago, he announced the cooperation of the chief executives of “Amazon”, “Berkshire Hathaway” and “JP Morgan” Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jimmy Dimon, to address one of the biggest problems facing American companies, namely the high costs of health care for employees, which led its day. To a state of panic in the sector, fearing the monopoly capabilities of companies. Healthcare stocks tumbled amid concerns about the capabilities of the combined force that brings together leaders in technology and finance.
Haven spokeswoman Brooke Thurston confirmed the company’s plans to close, and said in a written response: “The Haven team has made good progress in exploring a wide range of healthcare solutions, in addition to trying new ways to facilitate access to primary care, and insurance benefits that are simpler to understand and easier to understand. In use, the prescribed drugs are affordable ».
“From now on, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan will be working. “To benefit from these insights and to continue collaborating informally to design programs designed to meet the specific needs of our employees and their locations.”


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