Hassan Al-Raddad retrieves his memories with his late mother in a new way … and comments: “My twin”


The star Hassan Al-Raddad continued to retrieve his memories with his late mother, as he posted new photos today through his Instagram account, in which he appeared with his mother, and commented, “My twin,” while his fans prayed for her.

Hasan Al-Raddad via Instagram
Hasan Al-Raddad via Instagram

And prayers poured out from the crowd of star Hassan Al-Raddad, as Abdullah wrote: “May God have mercy on her and forgive her, and the highest paradise inhabits her. She lives and thinks.”

Hassan Al-Raddad and his mother
Hassan Al-Raddad and his mother

The artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, had previously published a picture with his late mother during his visit outside Egypt, accompanied by her, and published a group of photos through his personal account on Instagram, in which he appeared with his late mother.

Hassan Al-Raddad announced the death of his mother on January 9, and the funeral was attended by a number of art stars, including artist Mohamed Lotfy, artist Mahmoud Al-Laithi, and producer Ahmed Al-Sobky.


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