Hamza Moon Bibi jails Moroccan artist Donia Batma … “lives have been ruined for many”


A court in Marrakesh, Morocco, has convicted singer Donia Batma in the case of blackmailing celebrities known as “Hamza Moon Baby”, and sentenced her to 12 months in prison.

Moroccan “Hespress” website said that the Marrakech Court of First Instance sentenced, on July 30, 2020, 8 months imprisonment to the right of Moroccan Dounia Batma, before issuing the Marrakech Appeal, on Wednesday morning, its ruling adding 4 months in force, bringing the prison term in force to 12 months.

The site added that this ruling was issued against Donia Batma, as part of her follow-up on charges of participating in entering the automatic data processing system by fraud and deliberately participating in obstructing the functioning of this system, disturbing it and changing its treatment method.

Batma was also convicted of broadcasting and distributing through the information systems the statements and pictures of people without their consent, and broadcasting false facts with the intent to harm the private life of people with the intention of defaming them, participating in that, threatening and obstructing the functioning of this system.

Artists and celebrities in Morocco and abroad said that the “Hamza Moon Bibi” account for which Batma was convicted, ruined the lives of many of them, according to Sky News Arabia.

Batmeh comes from an ancient artistic family in Morocco, and her star rose to prominence at the Arab level after participating in the talent program “Arab Idol”.


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