Hamdan: When he falls, the whole system of corruption and corruption will collapse with it


Brigadier General Mustafa Hamdan, secretary of the leadership body of the Independent Nasserite Movement-Al-Mourabitoun, confirmed that the Swiss investigation into the accounts of Riad Salameh, his brother and his employee, the king, regarding the smuggling of Salama an amount of 400 million dollars abroad, and the accompanying media, a flow of loyalists and opponents, constitutes a smoke bomb that the French seek to secure safe exit Salameh, at a time when Salameh must be held criminally and nationally accountable for the destruction of the nation’s economy by abandoning his responsibilities for the previous conception and determination in protecting the Lebanese currency from collapse and has been the cornerstone of corruption and deliberate corruption of the federalism of the ruling sects and sects for decades. The value of 400 million dollars is insignificant and inferior to the theft of the era with tens of billions of dollars that the so-called Riad Salameh stole with the companies of the bank gang and the political leaders who ran the country from Taif until today from the pockets of the Lebanese. Therefore, he must be arrested by the Lebanese authorities in order to be able to stop the accelerating economic collapse, instead of showing him the order to hold him accountable as if it will lead to collapse, calling on the Lebanese judiciary to arrest him on the charge of not carrying out his responsibilities in protecting the Lebanese currency, and not the vague investigation with him about transfers worth 400 million dollars.

Hamdan concluded by affirming that when Salameh falls, the whole system of corruption and corruption will collapse with it, and this is what the corrupt feared. None of those who protect him, such as the French, Americans and thugs in Lebanon, dazzle us with their insincerity, claiming that Salama’s scandals have been obsolete and are limited to only 400 million dollars. It is one meal on his black list to bribe those who dealt in public affairs and some media, and other official and unofficial bribes in the Riad Salama cave Central. No criminal audit or investigation, but a legal and judicial decision to arrest Riad Salameh.

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