Gulf News Why did America freeze “arms deals” with Saudi Arabia and the UAE?


Many were surprised by the decision of the new US administration headed by (Joe Biden) to temporarily freeze the arms deals that Saudi Arabia and the UAE concluded with (Washington) the term of the former president (Trump), especially since it came two days after the (US State) denounced the launch of (the Houthis) from Yemen is a missile targeting the Saudi city of Riyadh, and it said it will defend (the Saudi partner)!

There are many explanations for the temporary freeze by (Washington) of arms deals concluded with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but they can be summarized in the following: First: The decision to freeze arms deals comes in implementation of promises made by (Biden) during his election campaigns to punish (Saudi Arabia) after winning the elections! With the decision to freeze weapons, he tells his voters, “Here I am – I fulfill my promise!”

Another opinion .. says: Why did (the UAE) include in the American decision to punish (Saudi Arabia)? .. And here we come to (the bottom line), because a large number of advisors and experts from whom (Biden) formed his new administration were working with him when he was deputy The former president (Barack Obama), and these are imbued with liberal and socialist ideas from the current ruling (Democratic Party), and they carry ideological hostility to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab Gulf states .. and the American administration during the era of “Obama” was standing against the “Arab coalition” that Saudi Arabia led for defense On the legitimacy in Yemen, specifically it has made (the Emirates) a basic partner with Saudi Arabia in changing the military and political balance in the current Yemen war.

Third: The new US administration, by freezing arms deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, wants to settle (old accounts) with these two countries in particular, which played a very big role in thwarting (Obama – Hillary Clinton) plan to bring down the Arab regimes under the name of (the Arab Spring revolutions) and fragment the Arab countries. The current conflict into small competing states, in the manner of Iraq, Syria and Libya. And the old (Obama) crew that works through (Biden) now does not forget the role of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in thwarting his malicious plans, especially in Egypt and Bahrain in 2011.

Obama’s (new old) crew, by freezing US arms deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE (even temporarily), wanted to issue an early warning to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi not to intercept any American plans coming in the region to stir unrest and revolutions and spread chaos in the name of (human rights)!

But what the new American administration did not calculate for is that the equations (of the Middle East) have changed a lot during the past ten years .. and that Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain, as well as the rest of the Gulf countries, Egypt and Morocco no longer limit their possession of weapons to American industry only .. There is a great trend to diversify the sources of weapons from different markets in the world .. America will be the loser from the freezing of arms deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE .. It will lose more the confidence of Arab governments and peoples if it returns to spread revolutions, chaos and terrorism on their lands again.

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