Gulf News Saudi Championship: Al Hilal to stop the bleeding of points


RIYADH – AFP: Al-Hilal, the leaders and champion of last season, seeks to stop the bleeding of points in its last four matches when it hosts the fourth cooperation at the end of the fourteenth stage of the Saudi League in football. And Al-Hilal failed to taste the victory in its last four matches by falling into the trap of a draw in all of them, which opened the way for his neighbor and his direct pursuit of young people to reduce the difference between them to one point after it was seven points. The results and level of the team have deteriorated recently, and more than one opportunity has been wasted to move away from the top, and its task will not be easy for cooperation seeking to continue its good results and stay close to the top teams, especially since the difference between them and Al Hilal is 5 points.

The cooperation under the leadership of his French coach Patrice Carteron provides good levels coupled with the results achieved by the team, the most recent of which was the 1-0 victory over Al Raed. And Hilal may find itself in second place today because its direct chase of youth hosts Al-Faisaly the twelfth on Tuesday at the opening stage. Al-Shabab is achieving distinguished results in the league that enabled it to reduce the difference to one point from Al-Hilal, and it is looking for its third successive victory to seize the lead, even if temporarily, or outperform its neighbor by two points if it loses to Al-Taawon.

Al Shabab hope to take advantage of the shaky morale of Al Faisaly players, who have not tasted victory in the last five matches, where they lost 4 times for one draw. Similar to Hilal, Al-Ahly III aspires to stop the bleeding of points in its last three matches, “two losses and a draw,” when it hosts Abha the sixth. Al-Ahly enters the match with relatively high spirits after a negative draw with Al-Hilal in the last stage, but his opponent will not be an easy pick-me-up, especially since he won his last three matches, the last of which was at his host Al-Ittihad. The Fifth Union seeks to shake off the dust of its recent loss quickly when it comes to the fifteenth Al Ain before the last in a relatively easy match.

The tenth victory, and the champion of the season before last, wish the soul to continue its revival and achieve its fourth successive victory when it hosts Al-Wahda the seventh today in a test that is not without difficulty. The fourteenth pioneer and his eighth guest dealt with the three points as their goal when they meet Tuesday. The pioneer entered the danger zone after his results worsened in the last eight stages, during which he did not achieve any victory and only came out with three points, and he is striving to overcome this crisis and restore the tone of victories to get away from the specter of early decline.

On the other hand, the agreement still continues its fluctuating results, after a strong start, it retreated, then regained its balance again and scored three consecutive victories, before it relapsed again and lost two matches and tied in the last, and he is looking forward to returning the three points to improve his position in the ranking. Al-Qadisiyah Al-Ninth aspires to continue its good performances and positive results when the eleventh Al-Fateh receives Tuesday as well. Al-Qadisiyah presented distinguished levels during which he managed to avoid losing in the last three matches, collecting five points, and he hopes to be in his best technical condition to continue the series of positive results, while Al-Fateh offers varying levels and results. Today, the last 16th Damak plays with the 13th Batin.


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