Google threatens to suspend its search engine services in Australia due to a new law


"Google" It threatens to stop its search engine services in Australia due to a new law

Alphabet, the owner of the electronic search engine, Google, announced that it may be forced to stop the services of its engine in Australia, after the government unveiled a new bill that may cause more pressure on the American company.

The Australian government unveiled the first law in the world that would impose restrictions on major technology companies, most notably “Facebook” and “Google”, to pay sums of money in exchange for the news and information it gets from media companies.

The Australian Prime Minister, “Scott Morrison,” said that his country would go ahead with the approval of this law, despite claims by technology companies, led by “Google”, to cancel it.

Morrison added that the government will present the new bill before Parliament for approval later this year, and parliamentarian lawmakers consider that Alphabet’s threats amount to unacceptable blackmail.

In terms of trading, Alphabet rose 0.4% to close the Friday session at 1892.5 dollars, and recorded the highest price at 1904.3 dollars and the lowest price at 1876.5 dollars.


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