Google is planning to bring benefits to users in Android 12


The latest reports confirmed that Google plans to support the upcoming Android 12 update with a set of features aimed at supporting users more.

Google is preparing to bring a new feature in the Android 12 update, which was previously tested in the Android 11 system known as the “Columbus” feature, which supports the implementation of some actions by double-clicking on the back or the same experience of double-clicking on the screen to activate the phone.

The double-click on the back of the phone supported activating the Google digital assistant at first, but today the double-click can support the implementation of various actions, such as closing alerts, turning on the camera, turning off video content, or turning off the audio for incoming calls.

Also, through the Columbus feature in the Android 12 update, you can activate some specific actions, such as activating the Google digital assistant, taking screenshots on the screen, turning off and playing video, or opening notifications, and you can also choose to turn off the Columbus feature.

And the Android 12 update also comes with a new pattern of dividing the screen, along with a new method for sharing passwords for Wi-Fi networks, and the multitasking mode also comes to support smart phone users with large screens, as the new style supports split screen in a better format with multitasking style, and the ability Using applications at the same time.



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