Good news for the Lebanese … this is when Corona vaccines will start arriving in Lebanon


The Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs Committee held a session chaired by Representative Assem Araji, in the presence of MPs: Mario Aoun, Inaya Ezzedine, Fadi Alama, Amin Sherry, Pierre Bou Assi, Qasim Hashem, Alexander Matossian, Fadi Saad, Alan Aoun, Ali Al-Miqdad, Ghazi Zaiter, Adnan Trabelsi, Ibrahim Al-Mousawi, and Bilal Abdullah. Dr. Muhammad Haidar and Mahmoud Zalzalah attended from the Ministry of Health. The discussion took place with the Chairman of the National Committee for Communicable and Infectious Diseases, a specialist in bacterial diseases, Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Bizri, on the topic of the strategy that will be followed in the distribution of Corona vaccines and the appropriate principles and standards adopted for that.The head of the committee, MP Araji, said: “Today we heard in the Health Committee Dr. Abdel-Rahim El-Bizri, who prepared with a large working group a national strategy for the method of distributing Corona vaccines and the appropriate basis and standards that will be adopted in the distribution. First, we talked about why we put in place the law on the emergency use of medicine, and we talked about it many times because all vaccine companies want this law that concerns all companies. It is the first law issued for emergency use in all countries of the world. It was the first emergency use of drugs, and Dr. El-Bizri informed us of the most accurate details. “

He saluted, “This committee worked on this strategy, which it developed scientifically, and gives every person his right.”

He added, “As for the distribution of vaccines, and as is known, we have contracted with the” Pfizer “company. We have contracted with it on 2100 million vaccines and the COFEX platform for a million and a half million vaccines. There are also negotiations with the” AstraZenka “company, which we will come from with two million vaccines, meaning it becomes We have 6 million vaccines that can vaccinate about 3 million Lebanese. “

He asked: “Why do we vaccinate not only the Lebanese, but all residents in Lebanon? Because scientifically, any epidemic if not vaccinated is from 70 to 80 percent, and today all scientific standards say that 80 percent should be vaccinated, according to the data in most centers. Research says 80 percent of the number of residents in the country, whether they are Lebanese, Syrians or Palestinians, and all nationalities in Lebanon must be vaccinated. In order to control the epidemic, we must vaccinate all residents on Lebanese soil. “

He continued: “There is talk about initiatives that the private sector will import these vaccines. These initiatives or what will reach some sectors that import this vaccine and deliver it, for example, to a bank or institution that will bring vaccines in order to vaccinate its employees. All of this will be part of the national vaccination plan.” Because in any vaccine and in any epidemic, we have to know who was vaccinated, so there must be “data” in the Ministry of Health in order to know how many people were vaccinated because he will follow up after the vaccination, and did he have immunity and did he have long-term complications? , Many things will be studied even after receiving the vaccine in order to be sure that someone took the vaccine the first time, that is, in the first week and after 3 weeks he will receive the second vaccine. So, we have to be assured that we have provided social immunity, and the most important thing in the plan is to provide Immunity so that we can control this epidemic. “

He added, “We will not import vaccines from one place, and there is a diversity of vaccines:” Pfizer “and” AstraZeneca “through the platform, and there are negotiations with it and there are other vaccines that we are trying to import, either through the private sector that will import them from China or from” Johnson & Johnson ” In the end, this will be under the umbrella of the National Vaccine Plan. As for the “Covex” platform, we have two options: The first is if we pay “our fear” (a payment on the account), so we have priority from the “Kovex” platform when it starts distributing these Vaccines, and they have many vaccines, and we can choose. So 4 million and 300 thousand dollars were paid to “Covics”. The first option is to pay in advance (a certain amount) and they are imposing the vaccine on us. And we chose the second option, namely, “Pfizer” and the vaccines will start arriving in the week The first of next February, when a quantity of vaccines will arrive, then a second quantity will arrive every week.

Why? Because the logistical method requires entering into a specific method, and thus an experience is formed, week after week, of the method of administering vaccines. And I hope in April and May, as promised, we will start With 250 thousand vaccines from “Pfizer” in the first quarter of the current year until the month of March, when there will be 250 thousand vaccines, and in the second quarter until June 350 thousand, and in the third 800 thousand and the fourth at the end of the year 600 thousand, meaning that the total is from the “Pfizer” company “Two million and 100 thousand vaccines.”

He continued: “There are 35 vaccination centers, most of which are government hospitals in the regions and some private hospitals in Beirut, along with when the AstraZenka vaccine or other vaccines come when the number of centers will increase, so the sooner the vaccination issue is, the better. And as you see patients in front of the hospital doors, In addition to those who receive treatment at home, which are moderate cases. “

He continued: “There is a priority for this plan, which is that the first people to receive the vaccine are health care providers, such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and any workers in any hospital or health care centers because they are more vulnerable than others. Therefore, we put this priority followed by those over the age of 75 because they are more. A group that gets the death rate today, then from the age of 74 to 65 and from 65 to 54 and then to 18 years and even 16 years, we will provide them with vaccinations, but from

They are between 16 and 18 years old, we need parental approval. “

He asked: “Is the vaccine optional or compulsory? It is optional, and we wish everyone who hears us and all the Lebanese to be encouraged and receive the vaccine, because if we do not reach community immunity, we cannot control Corona. From the age of 16 and below, these vaccines will not be presented to them because there are no ones.” Even today, “Data” says that from 16 and without any children, what is the amount that should be given to them and is being worked on.Also, pregnant women, there is no “data” that explains whether the vaccine affects the fetus, and people who have allergies also cannot now Receive the vaccine. And there may be other vaccines, there are some vaccines that cause more allergy than others, all of which we will collect information about day after day. “

He said: “There was talk about the platform developed by the Ministry of Health, which will be launched on Monday, and it is related to registering names either by phone or by calling the Covid 19 vaccine center or by a group of any bank, company or factory that registers, and this platform shows the person after registering his triple name which center A vaccination has to go to him. “

He added, “With regard to vaccination centers, there are 35 centers that can vaccinate about 2000 people daily. Today there is talk that it needs 70 degrees below zero, and how it will be transported from Beirut to the regions. This is an issue that has been resolved, as there are refrigerators in most hospitals after it arrives directly from Belgium, meaning “Pfizer” to “Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital.” There is the main storage center, then it is being distributed to the regions. The “Pfizer” vaccine needs 70 degrees below zero, and we can keep it at a degree of 2 to 8 for 5 days. These are all the details and are accurate, It is a good plan. I wish the media’s recommendation to encourage people to receive the vaccine because it is necessary, and when 70 to 80 percent of people receive the vaccine, then we must have community immunity. There is a media infusion, whether through social media or the media, and there is a contradiction in information. It affects people’s understanding of the vaccine that is no longer all of humanity, in the event that it did not receive the vaccine by 70 to 80 percent, far from fear of the danger of the Corona virus. Therefore, I hope the media will transmit facts from scientific sources and places that have an international reputation regarding the topic of the vaccine and its effectiveness And its complications. “


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