Global Health: There is no date to eliminate Corona, and we hope to reach a final solution


Dr. Rana Al-Hajjah, Director of Programs Department at the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean said: There is no date for the elimination of Corona, but we hope in this new year to reach a final solution to this virus, remove masks from the face of citizens and return life to normal, explaining that everyone in this period must focus On the precautionary measures and commitment to wearing a mask, spacing and washing hands frequently.

Dr. Rana Al-Hajjah, Director of the Programs Department at the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, confirmed that studies are currently being conducted on those recovering from the Coronavirus to find out the presence of antibodies, and how long the antibody activity continues in the body to prevent infection with the Coronavirus.

She added, during a telephone interview with the “DMC Evening” program, presented by the journalist Rami Radwan, that some studies said 8 months, in some cases less, and in some cases more, indicating that everyone must adhere to the precautionary measures, and that the organization will issue a statement if something is reached Final.

Dr. Rana Al-Hajjah, Director of the Programs Department of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean at the World Health Organization said: We notice the increase in the number of injuries in most countries of the region as a result of the increase in mixing and parties, and therefore with the increase in injuries, the number of deaths increased, noting that the data received from Egypt must be reviewed with the Ministry of Health. And the percentage of the examinations that are conducted in Egypt, and the Ministry announced that not everyone is being examined, and the important thing is that the virus is still present, and the precautionary measures must not be eased.

She added: It is not the first time that epidemics appear, and examination and arrival are conducted, but the announcement of the virus’s presence came in a second stage or after a period of the virus’s appearance, and the virus was not present in the serious epidemiological form in which it spread last year.

And she continued: It depends on the presence of a huge amount of research and studies and the speed to collect the information necessary to investigate and trace the origins of the virus, and it can take more than two weeks.

She emphasized that there are several diseases that occur from bats, the most dangerous of which is rabies, and the patient they are talking about in France must study the case and find out the cause of death, but until now there is nothing certain, that the Corona virus is a disease that is only a year old, and there are symptoms we used to see in other viral diseases, It is possible for the patient to suffer after recovery for a period of these symptoms, especially because of the psychological effect that accompanies the injured after recovery for a period, and from the organization’s recommendations for treatment from Corona, public health care and drinking water, and treatment includes proper food and restrained sleep, and there is no treatment for the long term except for those who entered intensive care Or if they have other bacterial complications.

She indicated that there are some countries that announced the existence of the new strain, and there are many experiments on vaccines, are they effective on the new strain or not, and Pfizer announced the effectiveness of the drug on the new strain.

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