“Ghost kitchens” devour traditional restaurants


The “Covid 19” pandemic has led to the spread of “ghost kitchens” in the United States, which are kitchens that customers cannot go to eat or receive their orders. You only prepare dishes that you deliver to them.
And if someone searches for a “Firebelly Wings” or “Monster Mac” restaurant on American soil, they will never see a sign on the street.
However, chicken wings or his pasta dishes are available with a click of a smartphone via a home delivery platform. This brand, like dozens of others, was created with the sole purpose of delivering products. She prepares dishes in kitchens described as “shabeh”, far from customers.
This phenomenon, also known as “dark kitchens,” which has been flourishing for two or three years, has been strengthened by the epidemic.
Nextbait, who is one of the operators of these “ghost kitchens” such as “Firebelly Wings” and “Monster Mac”, points out that “consumer habits have changed due to the” Covid 19 “epidemic. Many people have fought in the midst of these platforms. ”
Conditions were favorable for this type of initiative, with restaurants closed for months, then opened with restrictions, and some preferring to stay at home and not go out to eat.
Between January and September 2020, Doordash, the largest food delivery platform in the United States (47% of market shares), received 543 million orders. That’s three times the total recorded last year.
Some of the owners of traditional restaurants fought in this field, under their own brand or made new offers in their context.


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