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German Defense Minister Enigret Kramp-Karenbauer said on Wednesday (January 13 / CNN 2021) that the German military is ready for short-term support with up to 10 men and women soldiers to assist with tests in nursing homes and the elderly “if called on”.

“The very vulnerable now in the pandemic need our help, which is why the German army is ready to support,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party chair.

In statements to Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), a spokesman for the ministry said that this offer would ease the burden placed on the nursing staff, noting that the Minister of Defense believes that time passes too much and that people are old and needy. They are especially at risk if testing is not done regularly in nursing homes and the elderly.

It is noteworthy that the German army is currently providing support in 267 homes for care and the elderly with 1156 soldiers, and last year the army raised the troop division dedicated to providing aid in the fight against Corona to 20 thousand soldiers and men. Soldiers are permitted, as instructed, to hand out and take swabs for rapid tests.

In a related context, the German “Robert Koch” Institute for Disease Control announced today, Wednesday, that the total number of people who received the first dose of the vaccine reached 758 thousand and 93 people, according to the data of the sixteen German states, and the intensity of vaccinations varies from state to state.

After the Biontec and Pfizer vaccine doses, delivery of the doses of Moderna began this week.

According to the institute’s data, most people (more than 366 thousand people) have been vaccinated for reasons related to their occupations, as they work as doctors or medical teams or inside care homes and homes for the elderly and who face high risks of infection. In addition, more than 285,000 inmates have been vaccinated, and vaccinations can now be given for reasons related to aging or medical reasons.

It is noteworthy that the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Germany reached 1.97 million cases as of 7:30 am this Wednesday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and the “Bloomberg” news agency. The total number of deaths due to Covid 19 disease reached 42,889 cases, while the number of people recovered reached 1.62 million.



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