Geraldo’s agent announces submitting an official complaint against Al-Ahly to FIFA … and reveals the scenes!


Hisham Bensalah, the Angolan agent, announced Geraldo, the club’s soccer team player Ahly Of his filing a complaint against the management of the Red Castle at FIFA.

“I submitted an official case against Al-Ahly to FIFA regarding my full entitlements to Al-Ahly after Geraldo moved to him, and with a French lawyer and the case in the International Federation some time ago,” Hisham Bensalah said in televised statements on Al-Nahar.

He continued: “Geraldo committed to give me my dues after his move to my family, and he spoke to me and asked him to sign for the club and I will take my right from the club because the officials there are very respectful.”

He added, “There are words and statements from some Al-Ahly club officials during the past two days that there are contacts between Al-Ahly and a Brazilian agent as Geraldo’s agent.”

He continued, “I want to make it clear to the Egyptian public opinion, Al-Ahly fans and officials that this is not true. I am the exclusive agent of Geraldo and this is documented by documents.”

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He explained: “The player is doing good with this, and Geraldo said that I am his agent. The crisis is back from the beginning of January 2019. I was in contact with Al-Ahly club officials and things were going well.”

Dedicated lawyer Geraldo: “But what happened to the contracting manager at that time went to Angola and contracted with the player, who went to Angola 2019, an old marketing manager (Adli Al-Qai’i) and concluded the contract with the player without referring to me, and this is completely illegal.”

And he went on: “Al-Ahly administration promised me to settle matters and they give me a (commission) in Geraldo, the current marketing manager (meaning Amir Tawfiq) knows me well and had many contacts with me regarding Geraldo’s marketing and before that Walid Azaro and suggested him the names of foreign coaches after the departure of my family.”

He continued: “I would have liked things not to reach this stage, but I found myself compelled to do so. I will not talk about Geraldo who is present at Al-Ahly and his affairs are good, and if there is anything official I will announce.”

And Abizaid: “Al-Ahly Club President Mahmoud Al-Khatib I know that he has nothing to do with these matters and does not know anything about them. What the current officials do may affect the name of the Century Club.”

He concluded: “My relationship with Geraldo is very excellent and has mutual respect and he has great confidence in the player. I would have liked to solve the problem amicably. I do not allow any longer to tarnish my reputation every time. I am an agent approved by FIFA.”


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