Geraldo surprises Al-Ahly management Soccer 365


The Angolan Giraldo da Costa, the player of the first football team of Al-Ahly club, surprised the management of the Red Castle, with a new decision, regarding his crisis with the club.

Al-Ahly had agreed with Geraldo to leave during the coming period, in exchange for receiving part of his dues, and accordingly he was placed on a waiting list, to be registered with Bwalia instead.

Tunisian Hicham Bensalah, the agent of the Angolan player Geraldo, who leads his client to disobey Al-Ahly’s management, intervened and returned matters to zero, as he pushed the Angolan not to agree to the offer of the Red Castle officials, assuring him that he would receive his dues for the full value of his contract. .

Al-Ahly is trying again with Geraldo, in order to leave the club without a crisis and in a way that satisfies all parties, away from his Tunisian agent, who insists on his position and is looking for crises with the club.


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