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Jeddah 06 Jumada Al-Akhira 1442 AH corresponding to January 19 2021 AD SPA
The city of Jeddah continues to offer and diversify distinctive water tourism experiences, in addition to a group of activities and mountain camping experiences.
Jeddah is one of the most important destinations for the “Saudi Winter” season, launched by the Saudi Tourism Authority under the slogan “Winter Around You”. Due to its stunning beaches, and beautiful views.
The Bride of the Red Sea has facilities for marine sports available to visitors throughout the year, but in the winter season it took an upward trend compared to previous years. As a result of the Saudi Tourism Authority stimulating a large group of private tourism sector establishments; To continue to offer events and packages geared towards sports and cruises.
Professional water tourism activities are concentrated in the resorts and chalets of Jeddah located on the open sea known as “North Obhur”, which offers various packages for families and groups of friends, including: “family diving”, “sea picnic”, and the experience of practicing “marine sports”, and ” Speedboat driving. “
What distinguishes this tourist destination is its moderate climate with an average of 25 ° C; This helps tourists choose sports and marine excursions in “North Obhur”, which is in line with the “Saudi Winter” season, which chose climate diversity as a factor of differentiation and integration between the tourist destinations participating in “Winter Around You”.
The private sector leads the events and packages of marine tourism and water activities, and most of them are found on the “Saudi Spirit” website and application.
Obhur attracts a lot of visitors; Due to its marinas that organize cruises for families through marine boat rides, whether it is a picnic boat or a marine “jet ski” or a fast boat (jet boat) or a marine tank tour, you feel the spirit of adventure and ignite in you The excitement of exploring the vibrant worlds of the Red Sea.
Among the enjoyable tourist experiences that the “Saudi Winter” season provides is the fishing experience on the Jeddah Corniche, or the Jeddah waterfront, or through fishing boats, which are one of the most enjoyable marine sports, and choosing the appropriate tools and equipment for this sport helps to enjoy it.
In “Winter Around You”, the Saudi Tourism Authority offers more than 300 packages and activities in more than 17 destinations, provided by more than 200 tourism companies across the Kingdom, to suit all family members and all segments of society, including citizens and residents.
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