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Hail 14 Jumada Al-Akhira 1442 AH corresponding to January 27, 2021 AD SPA
“Saudi Winter” surrounds Hail (the region and the city) with an atmosphere that ignites the enthusiasm of travel for tourists and the discovery of the hidden deserts and mountains, which are vast areas that tempt the choice of camping for several days, and experiencing human experiences in the desert; He wanders, cooks, and sleeps under a sky whose stars glow as if it were at its closest point to Earth.
Private sector institutions working in the field of tourism offer a range of tourism packages for events in the mountains and deserts of the Hail region, or within cities. This is taking advantage of the natural diversity and historical depth that puts it at the top of the list of local tourists ’options in the” Saudi Winter “season, in which more than 17 tourist destinations participate with a basket of packages and events that will last until March 31, with the participation of 200 tourism companies investing in more than 300 events.
In Hail, the tourist attractions of castles and palaces within cities meet, which have been transformed into tourist entities that combine the past with the present, then winter nights on the outskirts of cities, followed by mountains containing inscriptions, deserts and sand dunes in the depths of the prairie, and there extends the winter activities of a quiet stay To the loud clamor driving an SUV.
The season of “Saudi Winter” indicates that welcoming and generosity is considered one of the permanent features in Saudi Arabia, and this corresponds more with the region of Hail which is saturated with its dialect and heritage with words and expressions of welcome in words and generosity, and hospitality and hospitality have always been among the most important memories that a tourist from Hail brings back to place and people.
The inhabitants of Hail weave with vocabulary that later became slogans and tourist brands such as: “Hayyakum, oh after my life” which became a slogan for tourism campaigns, and the identity of generosity and hospitality. Through successive centuries.
Hail is included in the “Saudi Winter” season as an important part of the general climate diversity path of the season, as well as the natural diversity present around it, the historical depth, and the welcome; Thus, Hail brings together most of the tourism trends for the “Saudi Winter” season, which ends on March 31, with the participation of tourist destinations in various regions of the Kingdom of more than 17 destinations served by 200 companies that established and developed 300 events and displayed them on the “Saudi Spirit” website, which became a window for exploring details. Packages and reservations, as well as electronic payment.
Hail tells of eras of Arab history, and indications of the oldest agricultural human gathering for thousands of years, and it is crowded with tourist points that combine a mixture of history with modern investment of places by converting them into museums or public places.
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