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Forsan 14 Jumada Al-Akhira 1442 AH corresponding to January 27, 2021 AD SPA
The Saudi Tourism Authority has chosen the Farasan Islands Reserve as part of its special packages in the “Saudi Winter” season, which it launched on the tenth of last December, and will continue until the end of next March, through more than 17 destinations and 300 tourism packages and experiences, provided by more than 200 private sector companies across the Kingdom. .
The Farasan Islands Reserve was chosen. Because it represents a moderate climate during the winter, it reflects the great climate diversity that the Kingdom enjoys in its different regions, which the “Saudi Winter” season offers through its many experiences and destinations, in addition to what a unique tourist experience visiting the Farasan Islands Reserve represents; Because it has a rare wildlife, stunning views, charming nature, a unique location, and a dense vegetation cover of mangroves, browns, balsam, sidr, arak, shura, sandalwood, etc. And the entire region.
More than 170 islands of different sizes, separated by waterways, are transported between them via free ferries provided by the state to residents and visitors through the port of Jizan, and they include a rare mix of environmental diversity and wildlife mixed with ancient human and cultural heritage.
All this richness represents a unique experience that is difficult to replicate in other regions of the Kingdom or the world; It allows tourists and visitors to enjoy the wildlife of the reserve, as well as many activities and experiences, such as diving, kitesurfing, kayaking, swimming in the warm waters of the Red Sea, in addition to camping, safari trips, and visiting the heritage sites that abound in the Farasan Islands, which It also includes a unique set of biological and cultural components, whether architectural, archaeological, aesthetic or tourism; It contains the greatest marine and terrestrial biodiversity in all the Kingdom’s sites.
Some of the islands contain the largest concentration of human antelopes, or Persian deer in the Kingdom, and on the vegetative side, the islands contain more than 180 species of plants, four of which are not found anywhere else in the Kingdom except in the Farasan Islands, and the reserve also includes 50 species of coral; The area with the highest density of coral is in the southern part of the Red Sea, and it contains more than 230 species of fish.
Farasan Island is characterized by the location of Green and Wadi Matar, which are of great historical importance, since the emergence of the ancient South Arabian civilization about four thousand years ago, and it also contains a number of ancient houses of pearl merchants with distinctive inscriptions and unique heritage and cultural value.
Many places, experiences and activities that can be enjoyed in visiting the Farasan Islands, which allows the Saudi Tourism Authority to choose its programs through the “Saudi Spirit” website, which in turn provides opportunities to participate in enjoyable trips organized by specialized tourism companies, to suit all family members.
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