“Gazprom” reveals a decline in its exports in 2020


The Russian energy giant “ Gazprom” announced a 10% decline in its natural gas exports to markets outside the former Soviet Union last year, compared to what it was in 2019 amid the new Corona virus pandemic.

The company indicated in a statement carried by Bloomberg News today, Saturday, that it exported 179.3 billion cubic meters of gas to the European Union, Turkey and China in 2020, according to what the CEO, Alexei Miller said about the preliminary operating results, compared to 199.2 billion cubic meters, which were exported. Outside the former Soviet Union in 2019.

The company added that exports to China via the “ Power of Serbia” pipeline reached 4.1 billion cubic meters.

The company added that countries including Turkey and the Netherlands supported the purchase of natural gas.

Domestic supplies to Gazprom reached 225.7 billion cubic meters.


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